Variable frequency drives, improved quality in water supply: constant pressure.

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The Speedrive V2 series variable frequency drives have been designed to manage electropumps with power up to 5.5 kW. They provide pumping systems with better hydraulic features, constant stable pressure, smooth and silent operation, extended lifespan of pumps, savings in electricity consumption resulting in cost reductions over the life cycle of the installation.

The Speedrive V2 series variable frequency drives represent an advancement in speed controllers for pumping systems, improving important aspects like functionality, with more user-friendly programming and more reliable systems.

  • New electronics design and greater computing power and control.
  • Improved failure detection in the installation protects the equipment.
  • Greater processing and communication speed for better operating stability and higher regulation precision.
  • Synchronous operation and controlled alternation to improve the installation and extend the life of the pumping system.
  • Better communication between devices makes it easier to program and handle the equipment.
  • Equipment firmware is updated via USB with improvements to installed pumping systems.
  • Protected industrial design to authenticate a genuine ESPA product.
  • Speedrive V2 has a patented system that automatically calculates pump shutdown based on the specific characteristics of each installation and setpoint.


Assembled on a pump or booster set, adjust the speed automatically to maintain the constant pressure and flow that apartment, building or installation demand at every moment.

Body in aluminium.
Front cover in technopolymer.

Equipment and features
Protection IP X5.
Maximum ambient temperature 40°C.
Air cooled motor.
Maximum 4 pumps.
USB port for updating the device’s firmware.
Adjustable working frequency.
– 1 analogue 4-20mA with 24V DC power supply.
– 1 digital for the level switch.
– 1 alarm signal.
– Potential-free output (FVC), maximum 1A, NA/NC contacts.
Communication serial port RS 485.
M22: 2m of cable with plug type F.
T22 and T55: No cable.

Dry running with automatic reset.
Detection of pressure transducer failures.
Overcurrent and short-circuit with automatic reset.
Power supply voltage with automatic reset.
Overtemperature with automatic reset.
Earthing and engine phase error.
Comunication error.



Speedrive V2 Instruction Manual

PDF · 12.19 MB

Speedrive V2 Data Sheet

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