Aquabox 350 Acuapres is ESPA’s advanced solution for buildings with low pressure or flow. With Acuapres multistage. centrifugal, submersible electric pump.


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It provides an efficient, competitive alternative to traditional pressure groups, getting rid of their typical pressure oscillations, complex mechanical designs and excessive power consumption.

Aquabox is a compact pressurising unit of reasonable size, with integrated design and maximum energy efficiency, made up of two basic elements: an automatic, latest-generation ESPA pump and an accumulator tank.

Advanced engineering with the combination of these two components provides an innovative unit that offers great convenience for the enjoyment of water, ensuring not only permanent availability (even when the supply is cut off) but also strong, constant, uniform pressure.

The 200-litre-capacity tank can be used as a reserve system if time restrictions are placed on the mains water supply. The outside includes the safety separation required to prevent the pollution of drinking water, in accordance with the EN 1717 standard.

Compact unit designed for pressurising and storing water in houses or commercial establishments, consisting of a plug & pump system properly assembled with all hydraulic and electrical connections made in the factory.

Specially recommended for areas in which the public water supply pressure is insufficient and to compensate for water restrictions.



  • Check valve: Yes
  • Draining plug: Yes
  • Fittings: Yes
  • Pressure gauge: Included
  • Tank: Included

Manufacturing characteristics

  • Discharge connection type: Nut
  • Impeller type: Closed
  • Motor cooling: Water
  • Stages: Multi stage centrifugal pump
  • Suction connection type: Nut
  • Tank capacity (l): 215

Usage limits

  • Liquid temperature (ºC): Min: 4 – Max: 35
  • Maximum no. of motor start-ups (start-ups/minute): 0.5

Electrical characteristics

  • Electrical isolation: F Class
  • Motor type: Asynchronous
  • Protection rating: IP68
  • Regulation: Electronics
  • Reset: Automatic
  • Service factor: S1
  • Service type: Continuous


  • Discharge body: Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Gaskets: NBR
  • Impeller/s: Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Mechanical seal: Aluminium-Graphite –
  • Motor shaft: F114
  • Nuts and bolts: Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Pump shaft: AISI 303
  • Tank: PEHD



Aquabox 350 instruction manual

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Technical appendix

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Aquabox 350 Data Sheet

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