ESPA is a company specialised in the design, production, distribution and innovation of pumps, systems and water management equipment for the domestic and residential sector

Since 1962, ESPA is recognised internationally for constant innovation, service, product quality and proximity to the customer.

For us, the continuous improvement of domestic water pumping solutions is a fundamental value. For this reason, we have a value chain based on our human capital, corporate social responsibility and customer satisfaction, as well as a strategic definition based on product development and innovation and the constant incorporation of new series to respond to the challenges and present and future needs.

At ESPA, innovation and research is essential to achieve the level of excellence imposed by the market, and to offer innovative products that meet the needs of today’s customers that demand technological equipment, efficient and that guarantee a sustainable treatment of energy resources. 

Espa Pumps (UK) Ltd is a subsidiary of the Spanish ESPA Group and was founded in the UK in 1989.

The ESPA UK organisation is based in Manningtree, Essex, with a floor space of 10,000 sq ft.

ESPA Pumps UK is a leading manufacturer of packaged pumping equipment for the building services sector, which is used in pressure cold water boosting, heating and cooling pressurisation systems and fire-fighting sets. In addition, ESPA provides efficient and reliable pumps and accessories for industrial and irrigation processes, swimming pool, hydro massage, spas and wellness, and many others sectors, such as rainwater harvesting systems. After-sales support is given by a trained team that offers advice and on-site commissioning.


ESPA is moving forward towards society’s future needs through design, production and innovation in technological, efficient pumping equipment that ensures the sustainable use of natural and energy resources. This is the result of our knowledge and knows how, designed to avoid compromising the quality of life of future generations and to contribute to improving the environment.

This is a symbol of a respectful and positive vision of the environment. ESPA is a singular organization in achieving operational excellence and innovation, especially noticeable in energy savings to avoid compromising the limited natural resources and quality of life for present and future generations.

Corporate values
ESPA’s corporate values form part of a process of competitive differentiation:

  • Identity. Commitment to the environment. Every year we devote more resources to R&D&I to ensure more sustainable, efficient, high-quality products adapted to our customers’ growing expectations, the impact of new technologies and new conditioning factors in the market. The saving of natural resources like water and energy define our identity, a value that cannot be dissociated from our activity.
  • Essence. Creativity and innovation mark the difference. We devote all our efforts to innovation as the key for achieving business excellence. Innovation in technological research, in the water supply chain, on the production line, in logistics and in the whole value chain results in the revitalisation and improvement of processes and productive business efficiency.
  • Competences. Professionalism and responsibility. We carry out our activity faithfully, honestly, rigorously, flexibly, effectively and efficiently in order to achieve continuous improvements in all parts of the organisation, constantly learning from our customers and suppliers as well as from ourselves. We integrate everyone in our organisation into a business project for the future with excitement and enthusiasm, stressing their individual and collective value and enabling a work-life balance in order to achieve the highest levels of involvement in our common project.
  • Service. The customer, a rising value. We generate business dynamics aimed at understanding and meeting our customers’ needs. We address their concerns every day. Professional relationships and personal dealings lead us to find out about their situations and allow us to anticipate their needs.