Development & Innovation

Our commitment to our customers, being faithful to our vision and corporate mission, drives ESPA to guarantee the research and development of the products that the market demands, and to offer our full innovation capacity to distinguish them and give value to our distributors.

The customer’s opinion is the basis of the innovation process as it provides a first-hand account of the market’s needs; by properly channelling this information we can activate the development projects required at all times.

The procedures for this process and the resources for developing new products lie in the R&D area and in the supervision of the Strategic planning department, which receives inputs concerning the innovation and feasibility of each project as well as the technology-watch process throughout the process.

ESPA has set up an R&D competence centre at the Girona University Science and Technology Park, which specialises in pumping intelligence, advanced design and hydraulic and electromechanical simulation, and is equipped with the most advanced systems intended to guarantee a dynamic process during the preliminary prototype and industrialisation stages by reducing time frames and optimising the resources used to carry out each project successfully.

Quality and certifications

ESPA invests in solutions that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Quality is an inherent commitment in all the processes in our company’s value chain, which means we pass it on to our suppliers, establishing a joint quality protocol with them.

ESPA invests in solutions that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our products are certified according to all applicable regulations, with special care taken to maintain the highest standards in materials and efficiency. Special certification needs are developed thanks to the involvement of our distribution organisations, together with our product engineering department.

ESPA has test benches with approved measuring instruments for checking and guaranteeing the full reliability of all the technical data obtained.